After The Party Is The After Party: Caring For Your Vintage

How you care for your vintage can mean the difference between a dress that disintegrates after a few wears, and one that becomes a coveted family heirloom. But don't let that intimidate you. Here are some simple guidelines for caring for your vintage.


Things your vintage does NOT like:
Direct Light
Plastic Bags & Bins
Wire Hangers
Washing Machines
Natural Oils From Hands
Frequent Washing/Dry Cleaning


  • Keep your vintage away from the light. Both direct sun and overhead lights have the ability to bleach your vintage overtime. Keep her hanging in your closet. Unless she is stretchy, like a...

Pero Like... Is It Gonna Fit?

Our video tutorial on measuring yourself and your own favorite dress is here to help you know if that piece you've eyeing is the right match for you.