About Us


the Cha Cha ▴ a Latin dance, all about the hips
a Chacha ▴ a gal / chick
Linda ▴ “beautiful” / “lovely”
CHA CHA LINDA a vivacious, confident woman; the life of the party

CHA CHA LINDA is a celebration of timeless glamor and modern femininity, with a healthy pinch of sazón

Hola from founder, Eva Lopez:

I believe that dressing up is about more than just getting ready… it’s a chance to shake off inhibitions and get down with your bad self. 

A career in film and TV costuming and a love for vintage fashion inspired me to bring the transformative power of costume/ dress to chicas who feel stifled by tradition. For me, vintage clothing goes one step further than your average LBD, imbuing tonight with the spirit of parties past. That’s why I put together a curated collection of muy sexy pieces; so no matter where you go, you’re bringing the fiesta with you.

Are you ready to channel the divina and ignite your inner fuego? 


All of Cha Cha Linda’s pieces are one of a kind vintage; thoughtfully selected and lovingly restored to preserve their magic. New to buying vintage or not sure of your size? WE GOT YOU, MAMITA